The Independent Nursing Home Association
Mississippi's Quality Health Care Association - Providing Quality Health Care Throughout Mississippi

The Independent Nursing Home Association is a professional association representing non-profit and for-profit long term care facilities in Mississippi. INHA's mission is to promote the delivery of quality health care services. This mission is accomplished by providing continuing education programs, seminars, workshops, and an annual convention with up to date information for long term care professionals. The association is dedicated to improving the quality of care for patients, through the planning and coordination of accredited educational programs to upgrade the skills of the nursing home administrators and staff.

The association also provides for its members legislative monitoring making sure that nursing homes have a strong voice in the development of public policy that affects all those providing services to all Mississippian's requiring long term care. One of the main objectives of the Independent Nursing Home Association is to foster a spirit of friendship and cooperation between government officials and the nursing home profession, for the ultimate benefit of the patient. The association also maintains on going communication and corporation with state agencies and organizations. INHA makes it possible for the voice of the independent local nursing home owner to be heard.

The members of the Independent Nursing Home Association are committed to providing the highest level of care, and maintaining facilities of which their local communities can be proud. This membership maintains a "family-centered" approach to patient care.

Objectives of the Independent Nursing Home Association
  • Establish and maintain high standards of professional care and administration of licensed nursing homes in Mississippi.

  • Establish and promote high fundamental principles for efficient and quality care of residents of licensed nursing homes.

  • Assure such residents of the latest advances offered by the medical and health services in caring for residents.

  • To maintain modern services in nursing homes through the coordination of activities between the medical community, health professions, and the administrators of such homes.

  • To establish and promote programs of education for maintaining high standards of professional care, operation, and administration of such homes.

  • To investigate, study and promote sound state and federal legislation for the welfare and benefit of residents in such homes for the continued improvement and protection of the nursing home profession.

  • To provide a voice through our lobbying efforts on both state and national levels.

  • To function as a state organization to serve the interests of the profession and the members of this association.

  • To provide for our members, access to a Workers Compensation Plan.
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